Welcome to IVAO – Middle East Division

 In order to become a member of our community, you need to follow one of the following pathways:

  • Register on IVAO network if you are not part of IVAO

* Please click HERE.

* Read the IVAO Rules and Regulations and then click on “Continue”.

* Fill out the registration form, and when selecting a division to join, select “XM- Middle East”.

Once the process is completed IVAO will activate your account and send you a confirmation and you will be part of our division!

  • Request a Division Transfer if you are already IVAO user

* To request a transfer you need to send a request email to the following email addresses in ONE email:



 ZZ-hq@ivao.aero ** 

** (replace ‘ZZ’ by division-code, of your current division)

* Please mention in the email:

  • Your name
  • VID
  • What division you would like to transfer to (XM – Middle East)
  • Why you would like to transfer

This process could take some time and please note you are only allowed to transfer once in a year according to the IVAO Rules and Regulations.